Failed to launch ethics investigation of fellow Democrats

Sara Gideon failed to launch an ethics investigation into a fellow Democrat legislator who was alleged to have preyed on underage girls as a teacher at the Maine Girls Academy. Rather than tackling the issue head-on, Gideon also waited nearly 6 months to call for his resignation.

Noel K. Gallagher, “Lawmaker Accused Of Misconduct With Students Resigns Coaching Position At Massabesic High,” Portland Press Herald, 8/6/18)

Timeline of Sara Gideon calling for Bates' resignation

  • Fall 2017: Maine Girl’s Academy administrators receive evidence of Bates’ misconduct
  • November 2017: Maine Girls Academy places Bates on administrative leave
  • November 28, 2017: Bates resigns from Maine Girl’s Academy
  • Early 2018: Portland Press Herald begins investigating allegations against Bates
  • March 2018: Press Herald confronts Bates and he denies
  • March 2018: Bates confronts Gideon, says the claims aren’t true. Why not investigate? Especially since the WMTW 8 reported, "a spokeswoman for Speaker Gideon confirms the speaker has known about misconduct allegations against Bates for several months."
  • August 2018: The Bollard breaks the first public story of allegations against Bates
  • August 2018: Gideon asks Bates to resign. Bates refuses
  • August 2018: Rep. Paula Sutton calls for an investigation into Bates. Gideon does not endorse, but says it “will be heard and voted on”—never happens
  • Late August 2018: Rep. Sutton calls for an ethics investigation into Gideon’s handling of the allegations. Her bill is killed in the House
  • Late August 2018: Bates resigns

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Opposed increasing penalties for sex trafficking, drug dealers and failure to report child abuse

Rather than protecting Mainers, Sara Gideon opposed increasing penalties for sex trafficking, drug dealers, and failure to report child abuse.

Has repeatedly voted to increase taxes

As Maine’s House Speaker, Sara Gideon co-sponsored nearly $750 million in new debt, which would triple the current debt level. Sara Gideon has repeatedly voted to increase taxes on Mainers. She voted against eliminating the death tax, opposed reducing personal income taxes by $87 million dollars and even took credit for a Republican tax relief program for homeowners that she had no role in creating. Maine Examiner 4/3/19

Tried to increase home heating oil

Sara Gideon co-sponsored a bill that would have increased the price of home heating oil around $0.40 cents per gallon from additional energy and carbon taxes. Maine Examiner 02/22/2019

Hasn’t divested from fossil fuel industry with ties to Putin

Sara Gideon promised to divest from any investments she had in the fossil fuel industry, but she hasn’t. Gideon still owns up to $1,375,000 in funds invested in the fossil fuel industry, including investments in a Russian natural gas company with connections to Vladimir Putin.

Fined for personally benefiting from her Leadership PAC

In 2017, she criticized politicians who take advantage of having a PAC for personal benefit. In October of 2019, by a unanimous vote of the Maine Ethics Commission, it was found that she personally benefited from her Leadership PAC and was fined $500 for campaign finance violations in 2016. Source: Press Herald 10/30/2019

Solar energy plan would crush middle class

Sara Gideon supports energy programs that would crush the middle class. She supported a solar energy bill that could raise Mainers’ energy costs by $55 million by 2022 and even endorsed a solar plan that would cost some homeowners nearly $12,000 to install.

Supports plan similar to Sanders' Medicare for All

Sara Gideon supports a plan for Maine similar to Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All. It could end private insurance as we know it, limit the availability of doctors and double the size of the state budget.

Voted against a replacement facility for Riverview Psychiatric

Sara Gideon voted twice against approving the construction of a new facility to replace the Riverview Psychiatric Center that stopped receiving federal funding. Less than a year later, Maine was ordered to repay $51 million in federal aid due to poor treatment at the hospital.

Lashed out at GOP, shutdown of state government

Instead of working across party lines to settle the budget dispute on the tax surcharge, Sara Gideon lashed out at Republicans during negotiations and even refused to walk across the street to talk with Governor LePage face to face, resulting in the first shutdown of the state government in 25 years.

Pharmaceutical PAC money

Sara Gideon claims she won’t take money from pharmaceutical companies but has taken thousands of dollars from them. Gideon also claims she won’t take corporate PAC money, but again, she has received thousands of dollars from corporate PACs.
Documents show Sara Gideon built her career on corporate donations, used funds to boost US Senate campaign- Maine Examiner 06/25/2019